Historic Mount Pleasant, Ohio

Mount Pleasant is a National Historic Landmark with over 40 historic buildings still standing, most of them still in use and privately owned. Its close proximity to the Ohio River and Wheeling, West Virginia helped to make Mt Pleasant a stronghold for the abolitionist Quakers who helped thousands of escaped slaves reach freedom through the Underground Railroad

The Historical Society of Mount Pleasant

owns 6 historic buildings, each one a museum in itself. Additionally, the Ohio Yearly Meeting House is included in their tours.

Tours and buildings are open by appointment only, however, there is a complimentary walking tour available on izi.travel or in the izi.travel app.

Allow approximately 2 hours for an on site tour.

Pay for your tour in advance by using paypal.

Harris / Bone Store ca. 1804

Burriss Store ca 1895

Historical Center , archives and research ca. 1859

John W Gill / Elizabeth House ca. 1835 - 1911

Tin Shop ca. 1849

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