Frontier Food

The early settlers ate much of the same food we do today, but they had to make most of it from

raw ingredients. They had mac and cheese! But they couldn’t go to the store to buy a box. They had make the noodles, make the cheese, milk and butter. In order for them to have macaroni and cheese they had to grow the wheat, harvest it, grind it into flour. They had to milk the cow and churn the milk to make butter, and age the milk to make cheese.

They didn't have hamburgers and hotdogs as we know them. But because they didn’t waste anything, they ate things like blood sausage.

Some items they couldn’t make like sugar. The Quakers would use maple syrup, or molasses instead, because sugar was made by slaves.

Some food they ate that we still eat today:

meat; ham, bacon, lamb, venison, turkey,
biscuits, cornbread
baked beans or bean soup
fruit or vegetables off any type fried in butter
ginger snap or molasses cookies

Can you plan a meal from the list above?

What do you like and what do you dislike?