The ladies of the house had to make all the clothing for everyone in the family. If they didn’t

bring fabric with them they had to make their own fabric too. Fabric could be made from

plants like cotton and flax, or from the fleece of sheep. Even the children helped with the

sewing in some way. Young ladies learned to stitch very early in life. Many were learning to

sew by the age of 4.

Everyone needed a pincushion to keep their pins and needles in. They usually had a long loop so that they could be hung from the waist. Can you find the pincushion in these pictures?

Jean Siméon Chardin (1699-1779) Petite fille jouant au volant c. 1737

PAUL SANDBY (1731-1809)A kitchen scene c. 1754

Mezzotint The Gypsie Fortune-Teller c. 1783