Quaker Life

We tend to think the people of the past were different from us, but they were just like us. They had the same thoughts and feelings as we do today. The children

played games, read books, and even got bored the same as we do today. ‚Äč

Once a year Quaker families came from all around to have meetings in the Yearly

Meeting House. The children up to age 12 sat high up in the balcony.

Everyone sat in silence. You had to be quiet, and you had to sit still, sometimes for an hour or more! Think of how hard that would be.

What would you do to make yourself be able to sit still for that long without talking?

One thing the boys did, was to carve their names on the backs of the seats! They were not supposed to and if they were caught they might be sent to sit on the steps in front of everyone! That was embarrassing!