Floral Valley, an Alternate Route

Richard Naylor, and Henry and Sam Cooper, all freedmen operated a station at Floral Valley.  By playing the role of a drunkard, Richard “Dick” Naylor was able to aid fugitives in Wheeling who he later ferried across the Ohio River to Martinsville (Martins Ferry) and often led them to Emerson...Read more

VanPelt, Pointer, the Second Station

Just atop the hill overlooking Martins Ferry was Jacob Van Pelt’s farm, on the back side of Van Pelt’s in Buckeye Hollow was Thomas and Maria Pointer’s cabin. Van Pelt’s home was considered the second stop, but there were several clustered together including, Tobias Hanse, who operated a flouring mill...Read more

Trover Tour

For years we had a tour on Trover. They’ve discontinued Trover, so here is the information that was on the tour. Photos are circa 2015 http://mtp1803.org/trover/trover.htmlRead more

Joshua Cope, the Third Station

Sometimes called the third station was Joshua Cope’s mill. It was located midway between Martins Ferry and Emerson. Joshua Cope was known to frequent the slave auction across the Ohio River in Wheeling, Virginia, where he would purchase slaves to free them.Read more

Joel Wood, The First Station

The home of Joel and Elizabeth McGrew Wood was considered the first stop on the UGRR in Martins Ferry. In 1892 he wrote, “ All of the fugitives came to us from Wheeling or in that vicinity. From here they were taken to Trenton [now Emerson] Jefferson Co. to old...Read more

Horton Howard’s Botanical Medicine

In 1799, Horton Howard was one of the group of scouts who came to this area of Ohio investigate the possibility of Friends moving into the Northwest Territory, where slavery was forbidden. He was appointed the first men’s Clerk of Concord (Ohio) MM (in Colerain) when it was opened in...Read more

Emerson / Trenton UGRR

Samaria Robinson Clark, daughter of William and Jane Robinson, wrote in 1892, “… my father’s house was one of the U.G.R.R. stations and my husband, sister and myself, together with my parents were quite active in the work; and many a poor fleeing slave has found refuge within these walls...Read more

Short Creek Meeting

There were a good number of Short Creek meetings. Mt Pleasant had Short Creek Preparative Meeting, Monthly Meeting, and Quarterly Meeting prior to the Hicksite schism in 1828. After 1830 the Short Creek Hicksite Quarterly Meeting and Monthly Meetings were held alternativly in Emerson and Harrisville, the Short Creek Preparative...Read more