The grand finale, our last post on temperance and prohibition.  1926 – Adena, Louie Viola was arrested just for displaying a still!  Photo taken in Adena, but necessarily Louie Viola’s  Read more

A Saloon in a Cold Water Town!

An 1885 account of a saloon that attempted to open in Mt Pleasant The ladies recorded the names of anyone who entered, apparently no one wanted to have the wrath of the Temperance Society come down on them 🙂Read more

John Hogg

John Hogg was a wealthy businessman living in Mt Pleasant. He sold whiskey in his general store to which the villagers were opposed. The temperance society members visited all the houses in the township collecting signatures to ask Hogg to refrain from selling alcohol. Reportedly only two people did not...Read more

Band of Hope

The first [temperance] society in Mount Pleasant was organized in 1835, with a pledge to drink no alcoholic or distilled liquors, but permitting the use of fermented liquors, [beer and wine] and known as the “half way” society. The first society on the principle of total abstinence from all intoxicating...Read more

Temperance Societies

The first temperance society in Mount Pleasant was formed on the principle of total abstinence from all intoxicating liquors, (as opposed to fermented beverages like beer) was organized in 1837. In 1840 the Martha Washington society was formed. This flag, made of silk from John Gill’s Mt Pleasant factory, was...Read more

Temperance Exchange Inn

David N. Milner, was born in Guernsey Co., Ohio in 1814, at the age of 16, learned to be a saddler. He worked that trade for over 60 years. His harness shop was located in a building that had previously been a tavern. In the spring of 1847, D. N....Read more

What was Temperance?

Originally, temperance was encouraging individuals to drink alcohol in moderation. Later it became known as total abstinence from alcohol. Quaker, Charles Osborn, published articles like this one, which encouraged temperance and abstinence in the Philanthropist in 1817.Read more