First Post Office?

Taverns were hubs of social activity, where villagers could read newspapers, hold business meetings, or lodge for the night (You could pick up your mail at taverns. Taverns were, essentially, the first American post offices.). “In 1790, United States government figures showed that annual per-capita alcohol consumption for everybody over fifteen...Read more

Mount Pleasant’s First Tavern

Benjamin Scott’s tavern was reputedly the first in Mount Pleasant. “John Chambers visited several times his old home, the log cabin in which he grew up. The house is now a weather-boarded dwelling place, but in the wooden walls is still to be seen the little hollow place or alcove,...Read more

Taverns the center of activity

“Thence we proceeded out to where the townof Mt. Pleasant now stands, and although that place was just recentlylaid out as a town, it looked like no town, for there was but one hewedlog-house then built and occupied as a dwelling, which was owned byold Ben Scott and kept by...Read more

Alcohol in the American Colonies

In the days before we understood bacteria and purification alcohol was a generally safer choice than most water. It a normal part of society and was served at almost every meal, even at work. Most frequently fermented drinks like ginger beer, a small beer were consumed.Read more